Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Latvian ombudsman denounces compulsory flag display

The Latvian human rights ombudsman has denounced the existing regulations in Riga making flag displays compulsory on private property as well as a proposal to simultaneous force display of the flag of the city of Riga.
Ombudsman Romāns Apsītis said such ordinances were a violation of European human rights law and the Latvian constitution, which guarantees freedom of expression.
Displaying the Latvian flag is compulsory on many holidays as well as during certain state visits. Private property owners have been fined for failure to display the flag as well as improper display (without black mourning ribbons on certain days) and other technical violations (wrong color flagpole, timing, hanging the flag from a broomstick).
The proposal by the Riga City Council (Mayor Jānis Birks) in order to "boost morale and a sense of community" is a classic example of why Latvia's politicians are often complete, provincial idiots.
Burn a Riga flag for freedom!


Anonymous said...

Burning a Riga flag, or , for that matter, a Latvian flag, becomes a true expression of the will of the people only if a politician is wrapped in the flag.

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