Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A subversive and revolutionary appeal?

Here is a quick translation of the anonymous call for a mass demonstration to protest government austrity on November 13. To find out (and prosecute??) those responsible, the Latvian Security Police have started an investigation.

Thanks to Didzis Melbiksis, fellow blogger (in Latvian and Swedish) and journalist for publishing it in his blog.

It should be a comfort to any terrorist sleeper cells or foreign spies that the Security Police are busy seeking the authors of this:

The state is only starting to save (cut spending--J.K).

It will take away more, and not from itself.

Therefore we must resist and show that we don't consent to this,

Let's continue a tradition and gather on the 13th, this time, in November in the Dom Square and by the Saeima (parliament building -- J.K.)

Let us show that we are not indifferent.

This information is being sent now, so you can make time and we can prepare for a MUCH larger picket.
Let us take along friends, parents, everyone.

Let us decide on our own salaries and say what we think of the government loudly!
Spread this news to others, together we will be able to do it!


JDHURF said...

Unbelievable. It’s incredible what states will categorize as threats to their power and authority, especially more restrictive and vindictive states such as the one in Latvia. What a shame. Those of us who live in the United States are fortunate that we now live in a society that, thanks to the struggle for freedom of expression in the sixties, starting at Berkeley, recognizes (although certainly imperfectly and sometimes failing this), the right to freedom of expression.

I recommend to those of you in Latvia struggling for the right to freedom of expression to research the struggle that took place here in the United States starting at Berkeley with students such as Mario Savio and so on.

Such rights are never handed out freely by some benevolent state power, they must be forced out of the state by serious, organized, sustained and dedicated activism through mass social movements.

In solidarity


Anonymous said...

Although the call by itself is inocuos, as the IMF has the control of the economy, besides the fact that we're facing a deep structural crisis, people must be free to protest, to speak and to demonstrate they're anger. Freedom of expression still matter of concern in Latvia.

I fully agree with JDHURF. The point is to force freedom of sppech out.

Anonymous said...

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TRex said...

Why don't the Latvian organizers have their Estonian and Lithuanian counterparts hold similar protests to try and establish a coalition in the Baltic countries? A unified protest with a common theme might provoke some common policy that would be mutually beneficial!

Juris Kaža said...

Estponia and Lithuania have not f**ked up as badly as Latvia, they don't face the same kind of draconian credit terms and IMF restrictions.

TRex said...

it is true the degree of crisis varies in the Baltics as it does across the EU, but all three Baltic countries will eventually be picked off by the same market forces as things are still in flux and the play has not hit the last act in spite of mumblings to the contrary from the banking and political sectors. Latvia is not in a strong position to lead and that is not my suggestion but they share many common problems with Estonia and Lithuania which ebb and flow like the tide. The trick is to firm up the ground you stand on and move from there. Small isolated protests will accomplish nothing other than to test the Latvian governments patience regarding freedom of speech.

It might be illuminating to compare the response to the protests if they happened elsewhere with a common theme. This is an EU member after all and bound by certain covenants and rules. Push it.

This thing will morf and change over time and the sooner any protesters get a coherent set of suggestions together the better. What will be the point of the proposed November protest again?

Argonautas said...

Yes lets create a coalition in all Baltic States against the oligarchy that is ruling those countries. Regards from Kaunas.

Juris I follow your blog and I am including some of your thoughts in my blog. That is is Spanish because I am a Spanish guy living in Lithuania for more than 2 years already. Sometimes I visit Riga...and maybe I will do on 13 of November to joint the demonstration.