Friday, November 27, 2009

F**kwit EuroMP files criminal libel charges against a Latvian journalist

I use the following language deliberately, to make a point:
Aleksandrs Mirskis, a fuckwit asshole Member of The European Parliament from the Harmony Center party alliance (who are, actually, not a bunch of fuckwits, although one could differ with them on many issues) has filed criminal libel charges against former Diena journalist Gunta Sloga for comparing him to Baron Munchhausen in an article in Diena's Saturday magazine supplement Sestdiena.
In response to this hypersensitive cryptofascist's complaint, a court in Jurmala has filed charges against Sloga, the alternative internet publication CitaDiena ( reports in an opinion column by former Diena commentator Aivars Ozoliņš
The charges were filed under an Soviet-relic article of Latvian law that the Saeima has been agonizing trying to change in line with European Union press freedom and free speech standards.
Being under this kind of criminal charges, as Ozoliņš points out, can cause all kinds of hassles (the court can impose restrictions on travel or change of residence) and have a serious chilling effect on press freedom in Latvia. Which is exactly the point with these kinds of laws.
I started this blog a year ago because the NeoKGB Latvian Security Police arrested and detained for two days Dmitrijs Smirnovs, a college lecturer in economics, for published remarks abou the banking system and the Latvian lat. Smirnovs had the investigation against him terminated. When will these idiotic charges against Sloga be dropped? Until then, while I have serious reservations about violent protest, sign me up for a paving stone through the window of some institution of authority in this country. And write on the stone, regarding these articles of Latvian law, a quote from Rage Against The Machine -- Fuck You, I won't do what you tell me!


Talis said...

The young commies utilizing the old commie laws. A bunch of whimps that cannot take creative criticism. But they are steadily on the path to slit their own throats. With their new policies and reorganization, I have already heard from many of their supporters - "WHAT HAVE WE DONE??!!??". The same people that "voted" them in to the municipal government, will soon be going to city hall to lynch them!! I have managed to help open at least one criminal investigation into their activities in Brīvosta so far. More to come....

Baron Tornakalns said...

I have actually seen Mirskis riding a cannonball to the moon while wearing a tricorn hat on more than one occasion and I am prepared to testify to that effect in court if necessary. said...

Interesting indeed!
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy

Eso Antons said...

Vai zini kur un kāpēc no Apollo vai Delfi (diemžēl tajā momentā nepiefiksēju avotu) pazuda intervija ar Robertu Ķīli? Apmēram 5 dienas atpakaļ, intervija parādījās, tad pazuda. Ķīlis izteicās, ka pastāvot pētījums kurā 50%+ no intervētiem (tā tad 50%+ no latviešiem) ir ar mieru valsti atstāt, ja ārzemēs atrastos darbs. Vai tad tāda "pazudināšana" arī nav policijas darbs? Paldies par uzmanību. --Jāņdžs