Friday, November 28, 2008

National Security chairman backs repression

Dzintars Jaundžeikars, chairman of the National Security Commission of the Latvian Parliament, the Saeima, has come out in favor of punishing rumor-mongers and making people "think before they speak" about matters of the national currency and economy.
His remarks during a radio broadcast were reported (non-Latvian speakers can try a Google translation from Latvian for a good laugh) by the news portal, generating, as of this writing, more than 100 overwhelmingly critical and negative comments. Some comments, unfortunately, harked back to Jaundžeikars angry remarks about conspiracies against him and his family when his son was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs some time ago. This is not really relevant to the issue at hand, and Jaundžeikars remarks, even if imprudent and foolish, are covered by his right to free expression.


Vigants said...

Some irony: Instructions how to make your expressions in novaday's and how should be X-mas celebrated.

cron said...

Well, well...

After he disgraced himself by using his political position to try to get his son out of trouble after he (the junior) was caught driving car while being stoned, as if that would not have been enough, this peculiar individual finds another way to attract attention of the public eye.

I just wonder, if that is a mandatory requirement that a leadership of a (wanna be?) democratic country shall consist of brain-dead megalomaniac idiots?

In moments like these one starts to think if we (as a country) have distanced ourselves from Soviet-type Turkmenistan-like banana republic really as much as we would like to think we have.

"Banana-less banana republic". I read something like this on this site somewhere. Sounds adequate.

TRex said...

It is already hitting the fan. Our building has been without heat since Friday because unknown to us the developer has not been paying the bills for months, so I expect the power to go off soon.

Is this an isolated criminal event or are we the canaries in the coal mine.

I was at Lufthansa yesterday and picked up an Oct issue of City Paper and was intrigued by a statement from Imars Rimsevics, President of the Bank of Latvia. (Page 7)

“Everything is already spent. We are standing on the precipice, but with the obstinacy of idiots keep telling everything is okay. It would be nice to start economizing. What will happen if we proceed at the same rate? The year will end with a deficit of 2%. The next year will be 5%, the following-8%. And what will happen to this country? Where is the money going to come from?”


LV REsident said...

It is one of many evidents that LV is corrupted.He doesn't care of being desgrassed,he is still at his rank !!