Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Security Police holding "preventive" talks with bank employees

The news portal Delfi, citing the Russian language Latvian newspaper Telegraf, reports that the Security Police are holding "preventive"talks with Latvian bank employees to ensure that they don't speak out of line about the Latvian currency and economy/
Hey! I thought it was a private matter of private companies, banks included, to set policies and brief their employees on permissible contacts with the press and media.
The story in Latvian is here, also some pretty sharp comments.

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Anonymous said...

Until this I still not considered it necessary to withdraw my savings from the bank.

Now I am not sure anymore and will possibly take out if not all than maybe half of them.

Actions of Security Police, when they tried to silence everyone, seem to have achieved the opposite effect, just like blowing at a small fire to extinguish it sometimes causes it to shoot up in bright flames instead.