Monday, November 24, 2008

Repressively applied law adopted with no debate

The repressively applied law cited by the Latvian Neo-KGB (Security Police) to justify the temporary detention of a college teacher, followed by a travel ban,  and the questioning of a musician was passed by the Latvian Parliament  (Saiema) almost without debate around a year ago. 
Only one deputy pointed out that this law could be applied to anyone commenting the economy, including the government.
Details are on Alex Tapinsh (a fellow journalist's) personal blog

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TRex said...

And of course we have the morning radio news telling us that the Secret Service is now working directly with various bank personnel to prevent any public talking regarding the devaluation of the Lat. And so it goes.

It's nice to have a record of who actually tried to debate this law at the time though. May the chickens come home to roost!